Pick up and Drop Off Timings

Pick up and Drop Off Timings

pick up and drop off timings2

Starting on Monday 8th March we would like to return to our existing drop off and collection system. We will be allowing parents to come on to the school site in a clear one-way system. In order for this to work we would ask that you:-

  • Please wear a mask on site, unless you are exempt;
  • Maintain a 2M social distance whilst on the school site;
  • One parent only to drop off and pick up;
  • You do not stop on the routes around the school causing a blockage;
  • You arrive at the time given to your youngest child’s year group, not before;
  • You drop your children to their classroom and leave the site immediately;
  • Please do not come down the steps from the infant block to the playground;
  • Whilst you are waiting on site, you do not allow younger siblings to use any play equipment, benches or gazebos as these have been allocated to specific bubbles to use;
  • You collect your children in age order, starting with the youngest first, we have reviewed the timings to make this possible (apart from Year 2 who must still be collected first!);
  • You have a choice of two exits, back through the green car park gates or out through the main gate on to Alma Lane;
  • Please do not come into the school office, if you have messages to give or require information please call or email admin@hale.kite.academy;
  • No dogs are allowed on site.

All Year Groups

If you have more than one child in more than one year, please follow the route and come on site at the time given to your youngest child (with the exception of Year 2). Follow the route for your youngest child and you should then be able to continue to follow the route round to get to all of your children’s drop off and collection points.

If you have a child in Year 2 you must drop them to their classroom first otherwise our one-way system will not work.

This will only work if everyone sticks to their allotted timings. Please don’t be late or early!

Thank you in advance for your support and patience. If you have any queries regarding the return to this system please contact admin@hale.kite.academy



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