Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning Curriculum Intent

Our intent is that when children participate in learning activities outside of the classroom, they will develop a lifelong love of the outdoors alongside a lifelong love of learning.

The engagement in outdoor learning activities will improve progress and support their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Outdoor Learning Curriculum Implementation

Learning Outside the Classroom encompasses all learning that does not take place in the classroom:

  • Trips and visits, both local and further afield and including residentials
  • Playtimes and PE
  • Learning about the outside world whilst immersed in it
  • Other curriculum learning activities that are carried out outside

Children are learning all the time, wherever they happen to be and learning outside should be a key element of their experience.

Opportunities for Learning Outside the Classroom are an integral part of our planning for each of the termly topics in all year groups. They are closely linked to the thematic curriculum and classroom activities. We aim that these experiences are accessible to all children, regardless of any extra needs they may have.

Learning Outside the Classroom activities are recorded in long, medium and short-term planning and evidenced in children’s work, where possible.

Subject Progression Map

Subject progression maps can be found here

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