Early Years Implementation

At Hale Academy we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage published by the DFE 2021. This framework specifies the requirement for learning and development within the early years. The non-statutory guidance, Development Matters is used to inform planning and to promote learning and development across all areas of learning. At the heart of our teaching and learning at Hale are the three prime areas of development matters focusing on communications and language, personal, social and emotional development and physical development.
Within the area of communication and language, practitioners teach and model new vocabulary and carefully orchestrate environments and learning opportunities which promote and develop children’s language skills. This is enhanced by high quality texts which provide opportunities for children to develop an understanding of a story, learn and explore the meaning of new vocabulary and to speak confidently within a range of different contexts.

Personal, social and emotional development is supported through our school PRIDE values where children are encouraged to be independent, resilient and positive learners who show drive and determination when faced with challenges. A balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning opportunities provide meaningful experiences for children to learn collaboratively. This enables them to learn, develop and consolidate new skills.

Physical development is promoted through our learning environments which offer an abundance of opportunities for children to develop and exercise their gross and fine motor skills through digging, climbing, balancing, mark making and exploring. The outdoor environment encourages the children to develop awe and wonder through the investigation of the natural world around them and to take appropriate risks where they learn to manage their own safety.

We believe that play is integral to a child’s learning and development, play is integrated and woven into all aspects of our engaging and thematic curriculum. Purposeful play offers valuable opportunities for children to practise their knowledge and skills whilst exploring the world around them. Children’s knowledge and understanding is extended through meaningful interactions with their peers and practitioners. All adults are dynamic and creative in their approaches to delivering the curriculum and strive to offer learning opportunities in meaningful ways that are designed to promote the love of learning!

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