Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Curriculum Intent

We place the children at the heart of our engaging, inclusive thematic curriculum and we believe that every child will achieve their full potential. We enable our children to become happy, resilient, well-rounded individuals by instilling a strong set of values that develop high levels of both social and emotional intelligence. We actively promote an environment where every child is valued, is shown respect and inspired to become the very best they can be. We aim to take every child in our care on a most wonderful educational journey which will nurture their talents and provide the skills and experiences to last a lifetime.


Our curriculum has reading at its heart and powerful texts drive the thematic curriculum that builds on prior learning, deepens knowledge and enhances skills that cultivate achievement. With exposure to high quality rich texts we aim to develop children with strong communication skills and an extensive and ambitious vocabulary.

The high-quality teaching of our thematic curriculum enables children to make links in context, they can apply knowledge and skills that embed long term understanding and develop lifelong learning.

The bespoke curriculum is inclusive and creative, and we employ a wide range of strategies to ensure challenge for all. Learning is informed and underpinned by teachers’ and subject leaders’ strong and secure understanding of progression of skills and knowledge. Assessment for learning and careful planning mean that our curriculum continually evolves.

We want our pupils to become leaders in the 21st century workplace, fully prepared to utilise technology in a socially responsible way. Our children will become digitally literate within a wider global community, and we will empower them to become responsible digital citizens.

We are a value-based school where children are expected to show a strong commitment to the PRIDE values and we actively teach the values of Pride and Positivity, Respect and Responsibility, Independence and Integrity, Drive and Determination, Excellence and Enjoyment. We value each member of the school community as individuals and ensure everyone is treated with respect, fairness and dignity.

As a school we have chosen 11 life experiences we feel our children should have experienced by the age of 11. We call this 11 by 11. By weaving these exciting opportunities into our curriculum, we ensure, or children are inspired by the world around them.

Our outdoor environment and the local community are an asset and provide an opportunity for active learning for all. The school grounds are being developed further in order to enrich different curriculum areas and outdoor learning is actively promoted and planned for.

A broad range of clubs and enrichment opportunities are regular occurrences in our school These are a vital part of the children’s development as lifelong learners and ensure individual talents are celebrated. 

Thematic Curriculum Overview 

At Hale our Thematic Curriculum is designed around our children to be broad and inclusive. We strive to ensure our curriculum is exciting and engaging. Our curriculum is knowledge and skills based which allows children to build their learning year after year. By having a knowledge and skills based curriculum it allows learners to make connections jumping off what they already know rather than depending on memory to memorize facts. Our themes are carefully planned from the objectives each year group covers and is book led to support the learning of vocabulary.

Please click on the link at the bottom of this page for the full thematic curriculum for each year group.  

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Individual Subject Overviews





Religious Education


Modern Foreign Languages

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